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ABLE (Advocates Building Lasting Equality) advocates for the human and civil rights of all children and adults with disabilities and promotes full participation by improving systems of supports, connecting families, inspiring communities and influencing public policy.


What makes ABLE different from the rest?

  1. We take on local issues.  Peterborough's High School was not ADA compliant.  No other group was organizing to change that.  ABLE's Peterborough chapter got it done!

  2. Issues start with our membership, not a policy director. Members make the agenda and bring issues to Concord instead of policy makers calling on us to come out and support their issues.

  3. We receive no state or federal funding.  We raise our own money and therefore are free to set our own agenda.

  4. We don't give up!  Because the issues we raise affect the lives of the people in our local chapters, we enter into an issue with tenacity.  When we went after $3 million for the waitlist, the rest of the advocacy groups in the state told us it was impossible and a waste of time, but ABLE members refused to give up, our families were suffering as a result of the budget cuts and we refused to take "No" for an answer .  As a result it was ABLE alone that was responsible nearly 70 families receiving services.

  5. We are ordinary citizens invested in each other as leaders in order to build power and affect change that reflects our values.  Lasting Equality.

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