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Booklet "Booklet Disability Diagnosis Cultural Competence and Empathy, Family Insights on Physicians’ Delivery .pdf.  This booklet is a resource produced by ABLE NH’s Disability Diagnosis DialoguesTask Force. It contains a sampling of stories from local families demonstrating the need for healthcare providers to improve the way a diagnosis of disability is delivered.

ABLE NH's Outreach Packet for Families to Recruit Private Landlords to Accept Housing Choice Vouchers.  This packet contains talking points for families who want to engage in dialogues to encourage private landlords to accept housing choice vouchers. People with disabilities are good tenants and vouchers are a source of reliable rent payments.  The packet also contains forms for landlords, how-to informational flyers for families, and additional details on FAQs and housing resources for both landlords and families. 

Voucher Family Outreach Landlords July 26.pdf , 

Voucher Family Outreach Addtl Links July 26.pdf

Talking Points flyer.pdf

Recruit a Landlord flyer.pdf

Landlord forms for housing choice program.pdf


flyer 5 easy steps for landlords.pdf

Voucher Family Outreach Intro July 26.pdf

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